Getting Started


General Learning Guidelines**
1. Find as much joy in the journey as in the destination
2. Create a personal support and accountability group: friends, family, someone who has earned a GED
3. Develop computer literacy: internet search, keyboarding, and word processing skills
4. Sharpen study skills: time and place to study, note taking tools and methods, organizational processes
5. Write down goals and strategies (including a timeline) for completing the GED

Specific GED Guidelines
1. Take diagnostic pretests and identify learning gaps
2. Create a learning plan to fill the gaps
3. Implement the plan until it is completed (take notes about strengths and challenges)
4. Take practice tests
5. Make arrangements at a GED center to take the tests (May be done at the beginning in order to take pretests and practice tests online

Creating a Learning Plan


*Click here to download above as a Word document getting-started

**From the GED Orientation Student Guide of the Minnesota Literacy Council