GED Science Curriculum

Minnesota Literacy Council GED Science Curriculum

The curriculum features 47 lessons divided into three units which represent the areas of scientific study covered in the GED Science subject test (Earth and Space Science, Life Science and Physical Science). Another small unit includes a lesson on the Scientific Method and corresponding classroom experiment lesson.  An overview of the curriculum and extra lesson on probability and scientific notation on the GED Science exam are also provided, along with this menu of videos included in the lessons outlined in the grid below.

1.2 Atmosphere Greenhouse Effect Video
1.5 Earth and Its Structure Earth Structure Video
1.7 The Structure of the Cosmos Evidence for the Big Bang Theory Video
2.1 Physical Science Introduction What Is Matter? Video
2.2 Atoms and Molecules Basic Atomic Structure Video
2.16 Energy Transfer Transfer of Energy Video
2.17 Law of Conservation of Energy Law of Conservation of Energy Video
3.1 Scientific Method Scientific Method Video
4.3 Reproduction and Meiosis Reproduction and Meiosis Video
4.4 Mitosis and DNA DNA Extraction Experiment Video
4.5 Traits and Genes Using a Punnett Square Video
4.8 Darwin and Evolution Evolution Video
4.11 Photosynthesis and Respiration Photosynthesis and Respiration Video
4.12 Nitrogen and Water Cycles Nitrogen Cycle Video

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