Psalm for a New Year

In preparation for leading a family devotional time, I wrote the following paraphrase of Psalm 23.

Jesus Christ is the Lord of my life and as one of his followers I have everything that I need.

He leads me into pleasant places, gives me an indescribable sense of peace, and guides me through each step of life’s journey.

Even though I may experience times of loss, brokenness, and darkness, I will not be afraid or allow it to cause me to deviate from the direction of life that God desires for me.

As in the past, I know that you are with me. Your word and spirit and the encouragement of other Christ-followers brings me comfort and hope.

You, Lord, provide refreshment and renewal, right before my eyes.

Even though I may be in the surrounded by those who would drag me down or even abuse me. I am blessed with strength and resources that are far beyond what I would ever have asked or imagined.

With assurance I can say that your goodness, faithfulness and love will be with me during each day of the coming year, and even beyond that, you have promised to be with me forever. Amen.