Getting Started with Becoming a Citizen

Getting Started

Begin with resources from the following web site:

This site provides the N-400, Application for Naturalization and other forms

Three additional links will help to prepare for questions during the naturalization interview. The text from these links is below.

What To Expect at Your Naturalization Interview

  1. You will meet with a USCIS [United States Citizenship and Immigration Services] officer and answer questions about your Form N-400.
  1. You will take the English and Civics Tests (unless exempt).


Reading Vocabulary List + Sample Reading Sentences; Writing Vocabulary List + Sample Writing Sentences

Civics Test Questions

American Government

American History

Integrated Civics

  1. USCIS will provide you with a notice of interview results following your interview.

Note: In some cases, the USCIS officer will not be able to make a decision on your Form N-400 the day of your naturalization interview. In those cases, the USCIS officer will continue your case. This may include a request for you to provide additional evidence or require a second interview.